Nov 24, 2008

I'm getting excited!!!!!

So Brandon went to the Utah game on Saturday and I was bored, so what did I do? SHOPPING! I got our Christmas decorations for a tree!!! I am so excited, I told Brandon that as soon as they start selling trees we are going to go get ours..... I decided we would do a red, brown and champange color theme! I'm excited! We still need lights, garland and a tree skirt. I found the perfect tree skirt but couldn't justify spending $60 dollars on a skirt for a tree, that could be a pair of new jeans!


  • Tuesdays!!!! It's my day off!
  • Animals, I can just sit and watch them, a bird out the window, driving by some horses or sheep, any learning program on t.v. about animals and the best of all any dogs, anywhere!
  • When my hubby says something sweet!
  • Anything PINK!!!! I just never get bored looking at it!
  • Photo's. I love looking back on the memories and feelings of good times, family and friends.
  • Ellen. I just love her show! She is just so funny, just watching her makes ya laugh.
  • My family, My Dad is hilarious, he is always cracking wise jokes that half the time I need a min before they register because they are always something clever. He would do anything for anyone. My Mom is the sweetest, most thoughtful person, she is def the perfect caregiver. She is amazing, she does everything for everyone. My sisters are always there for me and just make me happy! My Grandmas are the *sweetest* ladies I know and have so much to teach us!
  • Love. I LOVE everything about love! I am def a hopeless romantic!
  • Sleeping in on a rainy day in your warm comfy bed and knowing you have no where to be or no where to go the whole day!
  • Going to dinner with my friends, I love how I can be my goofy self with them and no one cares! Cuz trust me I am a pretty goofy person!
  • Traditions! I love making and having traditions..... It's so much fun to have things to look forward to in life.
  • Making my clients look and feel good. It makes me smile when I get to see some of my great clients/friends on a weekly or monthly basis. And the atmosphere at the spa is so relaxing, I love my job!
  • The beach, the ocean and sea life! Its amazing to me.
  • Little kids! Growing up being the youngest, I have never really been around kids so I haven't got to realize how fun and funny they are! They say and do the cutest, sweetest things.
  • Anything that gives me inspiration! Whether its something that inspires my creativity, uniqueness, laughter, being a better person or just a inspiration to get something done, I love it.

  • Waking up from a good dream. Its amazing to think of how creative our minds are to actually think while we are sleeping and some of the things we dream up! I can wake up from a dream and think thats not even something I would have ever consciously think of!

Nov 17, 2008


Okay, Okay..... I know I am slow at this, but its because Brandon and I don't have internet at home so, I can only work on this at work and well, really I'm not suppose to do that either.... but when I am sitting here in my cubicle watching the grass grow or rather the carpet get dirty, I give in to temptation! So really one day when I can get a set up like Carrie on Sex and the city, then you'll hear more from me! Until then, you'll have to deal with once a month posts from events that happened 6 months ago!

Marilyn Monroe! Bran and his Entourage bus!!!

I LOVE finding seashells!!!

Us, being goofy!!

Beautiful! We are offically beach bums for life!


We had to buy our Angels gear, although our hearts are really with Boston!

This was on Balboa Island!!! Way pretty!

So.... the honeymoon was Huntington Beach California.... Brandon and I both LOVE the lifestyle of Californians.... Everytime we go, we say to each other, we should move here! Although we both know neither one of us would be able to give up our jobs and leave our families, so we will continue to daydream and hopefully still be able to travel! So we were able to get a condo on Sunset beach which was literally a stroll across a little street and we were on the beach! We were right on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway aka Highway 101). We became very familiar with the highway and could just jump on to go to Huntington, Long beach, Newport beach, Balboa Island.... pretty much anywhere! Once we figured that out, we turned off the stupid gps system which kept making us go on 5 different freeways and all the way across town to get somewhere we could get to by just jumping on the PCH.... oh and I forgot to mention, this was all cruising in our nice, luxurious Versa!!!!

Anyways...... while we were there, we got to go to a Angels game!!!! Which was AWESOME! Its one of my goals in life to go to one game at every stadium in the country.... I'm 3 down and like 35 more to go!!!! We took a boat to Catalina Island which was the same feel of Park City only on water and everyone uses golf carts to travel. We went to Hollywood BLVD which people failed to mention that this isn't as glamorous as you think.... It was kinda really ghetto! We should have skipped that and went straight to Rodeo dr, maybe next time.... We went to a cool aquarium, with fish bigger than us and Brandon loved being able to grab the sting rays in the water, it was really fun! And tons of shopping (well window shopping anyways). Best of all tho, no wedding planning and no work for a whole week!!!!!