Apr 19, 2009

The past couple of weeks.....

So..... the month of April have been eventful! I love this month and this time of year, gets me excited for summer! I can't wait! Let's start with April 1st, I wish I could tell you all about the wonderful tricks I played on my husband, but for some weird reason I forgot about it untill a couple days after!!!! I'm so upset I forgot, I have been asking Brandon if we can say April fool's day is another day so I can play my tricks (I dont want to wait a whole nother year!!!)......of course he said no!

Then was my birthday! Brandon got my whole family together and met up at Little America for the breakfast buffet (the best breakfast ever). Brandon and I then went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens 3d version, which was pretty neat and that night we had a fabulous evening at Melting Pot for dinner! Yum! He knows I'm a sucker for good food! Then he had all the family over one night for dessert, thanks to everyone who came, it was fun and I appreciate you all!

Easter was pretty chill. We colored eggs at my sisters house the night before. Bran and I watched the masters Easter morning, exchanged Easter baskets and I hid eggs around the house with candy and money in them.... He found all but a couple I had to play the hot/cold game with him... the one in the toliet lid I don't think he would have ever found! I got a bunch of yummy candy in my basket which is pretty much gone already!

And last Tuesday I went to Britney Spears concert! It was pretty fun, fun to just get dressed up and go out with the girls, but honestly I was not impressed with Britney. She did not talk to the audience once, did not dance much and lip sang the WHOLE show. At times her mouth wasn't even moving! We had AWESOME seats and could see everything perfectly. Her show was cool with all the dancers and acrobats jumping around the stage like a circus! They did some cool magic tricks and stuff! FUN FUN! Glad I got to go, but probaly won't be doing that again, save the money for better concerts!

That has pretty much been our life the past few weeks! Next comes Brandons birthday and one of my best friends coming to visit with her new baby!!!! Exciting! Oh and let the house hunting begin!!!! (uggh and aah)