Sep 27, 2009


The husband and I went to a movie last night. It has been a long time since we have been to a movie, I think the last time was on my birthday in April!! So anyways, Brandon let me choose the movie so I was stoked! I decided on "All about Steve" since I really like Sandra Bullock. So anyways, we go to the movie (which was okay) and we got a large diet coke so needless to say I had to run to the bathroom when the movie got over....

So I go into the bathroom and pick my stall... (I am a germ phobe so I go to the very end of the line of stalls thinking that most people are prob too lazy to walk that far so they should be the cleanest?!) -wishful thinking I guess! Anyway, I do my thing and go to open the stall and *NOTHING*, the door won't open!!! So I play around with the lock and turn it back and forth and the door is completely stuck, won't budge at all! So in my head I'm thinking what do I do...

A- Call my husband and have him come try the door (k, that would just be embarrassing for us both)
B- Wait for someone to come in the bathroom (still embarrassing and who knows how long I'll be waiting and if they could even help me.)
C- Crawl under the door (that would just be gross-germ thing)
D-Climb over the stall..... so this is what I do! So here I am in my heels, trying to keep my purse with me without spilling my stuff everywhere, standing on the toilet climbing over the stall. Luckily since I was so far down the line of stalls there was a handicapped rail on the stall next to me so I used that as a step stool!

Next time I'll use a closer stall.

So I brush myself off and wash my hands and meet up with the hubby. We are walking out of the movies and I am debating in my head if I should tell him what just happened so I figure why not, he already knows this kind of stuff happens to me ALL THE TIME. So he just cracks up and asks....

Bran- Are you sure you weren't just supposed to pull the door open instead of push?
me- shit. I dunno. I think I did both..... I'm not that dumb am I?....
Bran- (laughing hysterically)



Sep 6, 2009

Likey??!! I LOVEY! Lots!

I love love LOVE these shoes... I couldn't resist them, I got them in black though. They are Steve Madden Luxe L Brake Ruffle T-strap sandal. They are to die for and I am not even a shoe girl, I normally am good with flip-flops. I hate shopping for shoes and there are not many I like, but these are my new love (sorry Brandon)! Now I need a cute ruffle dress from BEBE for Vegas trip!