Nov 10, 2010

Puppy Love!

Okay so anyone who knows me knows that puppys/dogs are the love of my life! I have always been crazy about them! When I was little I would always say I was going to have 100 dogs when I grew up.... too bad that doesn't seem so logically anymore, but still wish I could! So.... On Saturday, I came home and Brandon was there with this sweet little guy. Ever since I cannot get enough of him. He is a Springer Spaniel and is 7 weeks old. He is kind of a little terror but I love him so much he probably gets away with more than he should. I need to be better and start making him have rules! It has been so hard for me to leave him and go to work everyday. I just wish I could be home with him.

I don't have my cord to post pics but as soon as I do I will get some up here to show him off! He is white with liver (brown). He has the cutest little nose with freckles. I can't decide for sure on a name (being the indecisive person I am), but I really am thinking Knuckles Charlie Christensen!! He is such a sweetheart and anyone who wants to come visit let me know!

Big thanks to Brandon for the new addition to our family! So far he fits right in with us and besides being a little terror, he is actually a really good pup. He is doing so good with the potty training only having 2 accidents so far! And sleeping has been going really good also! I am so lucky to have him! Thanks so much Brandon! I love you!

Pictures to come! sorry!