Oct 27, 2010


In June I was able to go on a girls trip!!!! My friend Alex and I went to San Diego! It was so much fun and I want to move there now... I think I am destined to live by a beach, ride a bike everywhere I go and have 5 or 6 dogs to walk daily, oh and not to mention run on the beach every morning!

We stayed in La Jolla which is a very very nice area. Unfortunately no one informed us of "June Gloom". Apparently June is the worst month of the year to visit San Diego.... Every day is cloudy and not very warm, if we would have waited one more weekend we would have had perfect California weather. Needless to say on our to the airport to fly home we were looking for a tanning salon to tan with our swimsuits on so we could pretend the weather was sunny!!!

Here's a few pics!

Surfer dude!
We're real classy.... what can I say!
Our sweet rental for the week!!!
This is what home looks like to me!
Caught red handed... we can be trouble together!
Fire Station in Pacific Beach
I just love her!
Again, our nice car, I wanted to take it home!
Somewhat sunny in this pic!

My favorite thing in the world.... my dogs!

This is sweet Chewy with bows!
All time favorite pic of Jake. Going to blow it up and frame it.
he makes me so happy!
Chewy is such a sweetie, I love him so much!
This is Danner. He doesn't look very happy in this picture cuz he was getting his nails clipped! LOL he is such a sweet dog.

Rachelle and Colby Thackeray!

My sister and her boyfriend of 6 years got married! They have been engaged for 2 years now and so I have been patiently waiting. She has had about 15 different ideas of where and when they were going to tie the knot so I am glad it is now official. And I am so happy for them, they make such a wonderful couple and I love them both so much. Colby's sister and I decided to set them up and I am so glad we did, they go together great.

The wedding was on Tuesday October 12th in Boulder, Co. It was so neat to be able to travel with both families and have a get away with the two of them. My sister looked beautiful and the whole trip was so much fun. I love them both and am happy to have them in our family!

The bride and groom and me and my oldest sister Jacki

Rachelle and my beautiful mom
My sister and my cute Dad...
Shell and her niece Ava, the flower girl
I turned off my flash so I wouldn't mess up the photographers work but now my pics are hard to see!

Our crazy fun life!

I know it has been FOREVER! We don't have internet at home so I never have time to do this blog anymore, so now that I have a min, I'll try and catch everyone up on our very fast changing lives lately... Tons of pictures so hopefully I can get them all on here tonight.

Everyone should know by now but if not I am pregnant!!! We found out baby is a little boy! We are both very excited! I knew from the beginning it was a boy but I still bawled all day when we found out for sure, I had my heart set on a girl. Now that I have thought about it, a boy doesn't sound so bad after all. I grew up with only sisters and have never really been around little boys too much so they seem kinda foreign to me Lol. I just felt more comfortable with a girl for my first one. BUT... I am very excited for how much fun having a little guy around will be. As long as he is healthy thats all we ask.

We also bought our first home! Brandon and I have been moved in since the first of the month and we love it!!! We have a HUGE backyard, which now I can't wait for a dog. Hopefully before the baby gets here if I can talk the hubbs into it.