Oct 27, 2010

Our crazy fun life!

I know it has been FOREVER! We don't have internet at home so I never have time to do this blog anymore, so now that I have a min, I'll try and catch everyone up on our very fast changing lives lately... Tons of pictures so hopefully I can get them all on here tonight.

Everyone should know by now but if not I am pregnant!!! We found out baby is a little boy! We are both very excited! I knew from the beginning it was a boy but I still bawled all day when we found out for sure, I had my heart set on a girl. Now that I have thought about it, a boy doesn't sound so bad after all. I grew up with only sisters and have never really been around little boys too much so they seem kinda foreign to me Lol. I just felt more comfortable with a girl for my first one. BUT... I am very excited for how much fun having a little guy around will be. As long as he is healthy thats all we ask.

We also bought our first home! Brandon and I have been moved in since the first of the month and we love it!!! We have a HUGE backyard, which now I can't wait for a dog. Hopefully before the baby gets here if I can talk the hubbs into it.

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Wendy said...

You all look amazing! :) Congrats on the house and new baby boy! Boys are so much fun!!! :) Rachelle looks beautiful too! Hope things are fabulous with you and the hubster! Can't wait to see pics of the new baby! :)