May 10, 2009

10 things that make me amazingly happy!

rEaSoNs To sMiLe!!!

  1. laying in my comfy bed under the covers listening to the rain outside
  2. sunshine/summer
  3. the pomodoro dish from {Cafe Trio}
  4. animals, but mostly puppies!
  5. sleep and dreams
  6. road trips!
  7. when something I cook actually turns out..... (and tastes good!)
  8. being with my friends and family!
  9. being spontaneous and care-free
  10. doing something that makes someone else happy!

How amazing is this?

So I saw this a while ago and was
aMaZeD at how awesome animals can be! Dolphins have always been in my top five favorite animals ever!!!! In case you didn't hear the story, it was about a suspected somali pirate ship that was trying to overtake a chinese merchant ship when thousands of dolphins appeared and apparently scared off the pirates!!!! Animals really are smarter than people give them credit for!

May 3, 2009

Brandino's birthday!!!!!

We had all the fam over for fruit pizza and ice cream last thursday for his birthday! Just wanted to share a few of the pictures! Hope you had the best birthday handsome, I love ya!

Loft homes....

This post was inspired by my husband. Brandon and I went up to Park City on Saturday night in celebration of his birthday. Which by the way, park city was like a ghost town for a Saturday night, I'm assuming thanks to the swine flu cases that have been confirmed there?! It was kinda nice not to have to deal with a ton of people, but it was kinda creepy in a way and I kept feeling like maybe we shouldn't have been up there. But ANYWAYS, we went to ZOOM. The food and atmosphere was awesome, but the service was slow. If you have never been there, the building is really cool, it was built in the late 1800's and cost $5,000.00 to build, crazy to believe though! So anyways, Brandon and I got talking about one day builing our home and have it be a big open loft type house with the kitchen, dining, family room and bathroom with a couple rooms upstairs. Would be pretty cool, so here are a few pics.... I think my husband would love the above pic.