Oct 27, 2010

Rachelle and Colby Thackeray!

My sister and her boyfriend of 6 years got married! They have been engaged for 2 years now and so I have been patiently waiting. She has had about 15 different ideas of where and when they were going to tie the knot so I am glad it is now official. And I am so happy for them, they make such a wonderful couple and I love them both so much. Colby's sister and I decided to set them up and I am so glad we did, they go together great.

The wedding was on Tuesday October 12th in Boulder, Co. It was so neat to be able to travel with both families and have a get away with the two of them. My sister looked beautiful and the whole trip was so much fun. I love them both and am happy to have them in our family!

The bride and groom and me and my oldest sister Jacki

Rachelle and my beautiful mom
My sister and my cute Dad...
Shell and her niece Ava, the flower girl
I turned off my flash so I wouldn't mess up the photographers work but now my pics are hard to see!

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