Dec 22, 2010


We found out that our once little boy is actually a little girl!!!! And I am sooo excited! It has been so much fun buying and looking at all the cute girl stuff! I can't wait to meet our sweet little girl!

And I must be getting big, I've had a couple of people tell me they thought I was due any day now!!! Who says that to a pregnant girl, really! So I can only guess that in 3 more months I am going to be huge!!!


Heather:) said...

Whatever Elissa.. You are not big at all! I can't believe you only have 3 months left! I am so excited for you two!

Gary and Bree said...

Yay! You got your wish she is going to be a pretty little thing just like her momma!

The DeBoer's said...

How exciting, there is a lot of cute girl stuff out there! Whenever Matt and I go out shopping I somehow end up in the girl section and he's like"uh, we have a boy!" I can't wait to meet her!