May 16, 2010

RaCe FoR ThE cUrE!!!

Me and a couple of friends went and ran the 5k for the Susan Komen race for the cure. I used to go every year but I missed the past couple years, so it was fun to be back. Its crazy to see how many people come and support this great event. Its also really sad to see how many people are running in memory of a loved one. It was also fun to see some of the people who get all decked out in pink!!

Me and Alex after the race!
Megan and I running to the end.
ha ha, these were some kids who got all excited for us to take their pictures!We had to take their picture a couple of times because therewas always 1 kid who would say "wait I wasn't in it, take another!"
This was the beginning of the race!
This guy was really getting into it!
and the girl doesn't look happy I'm taking her picture!He was dancing all crazy to the band!
This doesn't even do justice to how many people were there!

Ha! what a dork I am!!

I didn't take any pictures, but I also went to the live green festival after the 5k. It was pretty fun and since I get into the whole natural and "green" stuff, they had some pretty neat boothes. I also tried a vegan brawt with some vegan mayo and a vegan beer!! I didn't know they had so much vegan stuff. The festival was outside at the Salt lake library, where they also had the Anne Frank exhibit, which was pretty neat also!

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The DeBoer's said...

Looks like you guys had a good time!