May 16, 2010


Well not really, but we went anyway!!! It was really cold at night but the next day was a perfect day for FiShiNg!!! Bran and I signed up to help out at the Ogden Marathon... well we signed up for the starting line.... which meant.... we had to be there at 4 a.m.! So anybody who knows me knows that that right there is a nightmare waiting to happen!! So I made a deal with the hubbs that I would go if we could camp by the starting line and shave off about a hour of awake time.. So with the intent of being good citizens and helping all the people who are out of their minds to pay to run 26 miles, we dusted off all our camping gear and heading up the mountain Friday night... Well I'm embarrassed to say, WE STILL OVERSLEPT!!! I'm sorry all the motivated runners if being 2 lazy volunteers short messed up your start line!! I hope it wasn't too big of a deal and they had plenty of help up there!

But we still had a lot of fun camping and fishing in the next day! Enjoy the pics!!


The DeBoer's said...

How fun, you guys always do fun things together!

Jacqueline said...

Where were you camping at?

Gary and Bree said...

Cute,cute Elissa! Thanks for the congrats. I can't wait to see your gorgeous babies one day! :)

Shelly said...

LOL...that is totally something I would have done too!! 4am is a huge commitment to me bed cries along with me if it's before 8am. ha, ha!!

It makes me want to go and do a bonfire and roast marshmallows looking at your fun!