Jan 10, 2010

Just say aaah!!

This is soo exciting for me! Brandon's mom and dad got us this duvet cover and shams that I have been wanting FOREVER! I have been looking for the past little while and found a TON that I want, but they are so so so expensive! For just a *cover*!!!! The comforter that goes in them is cheaper I swear! So I found this lovely one for a pretty good price and have been eyeing it ever since I found it. We are very thankful they got this for us, now our bedroom looks a ton better and I finally can use my pillows I've had hidden in the closet for the past year!


The DeBoer's said...

Yay! Very pretty!

we are the davies... said...

I am jealous. I have been searching for the perfect bedding and can't find anything that is cute and comfy. I will have to check out that site.