Dec 27, 2009

New Camera = LOTS of pics!

Brandon and his stocking!
This is our Christmas mess!

First picture after waking up if you can't tell...
Our Christmas Tree this year!!!
Jack and Bean making yummy breakfast!
Shell and Bolbur... and Miso!

Our cRaZy selves!

Ma and Pa opening gifts...
Not sure what to think...

Precious little girl!

I can't get enough of her! She is soo sweet!

Ash and his new bumble toy! What a cutiepie!

Can't forget the dogs on Christmas!
Family playing funny games and yummy food! I love Holidays!

my mom and dad are hillarious to play with!

The hub and I!!! We had a fabulous Christmas and hope you all did too!

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Wendy said...

It's great to see pics of you and your family! Hope you are all doing great! Glad your Christmas was great also! I totally love when our families gets together and play games too! So much fun!!! :)