Aug 16, 2009

Road Rash!

To the dude on Friday morning in Layton whose couch part I ran over.... Its not my fault you took the corner too fast or too sharp, and its not my fault you didn't properly have your ugly couch tied down to the trailer you were pulling. So if your ugly green couch is so precious to you that you have to throw a fit when I didn't see it and ran it over, maybe you learned your lesson. Normally I would have felt bad, but when you are stopping traffic to yell at me, it just pissed me off (I was ready to fight). First of all, there were cars in the opposite direction and I wasn't going to get hit by oncoming cars to save your couch. Second of all the right hand turn you and I had just made was on a slight hill and in my big truck, I can't see much of the road right in front of me. I should have been the one who was mad, your dumb ass couch could have damaged my truck!!!

I just don't understand why people can't be nice. Why do you need to take your un-happiness out on other people. It just ruins every ones day. I get yelled at enough at the salon by miserable people, the world doesn't need anymore jerks in it! But there are some nice people out there, when I got to work that morning after the couch incident, a client at the salon told me I was the nicest person she had talked to on the phone. It was nice to get a compliment like that, normally you just hear all the bad things. That really made my day turn around.

Life As A Daymaker is a book everyone should read and live by. We would all be happier people.


Jackie said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible day, but I couldn't agree more with you!!
So I keep meaning to ask if you're a hair stylist, or if you do something else at the salon? If you do hair, then I definitely need to come see you!

Jacqueline said...

What a putz! Sounds like you need to tell me that story in person!!!!

You are pretty much the nicest person I know!

weston'smommy said...

What jerk. Your right I hate it when negative people bring you down. Just try to ignore them and knwo you are the better person.