Aug 9, 2009

Good Reads...

So... One of my goals this year was to read 1 book every month, I know to a lot of you that prob is a very easy and attainable thing to do, but for me not so much. Since reading is a newer thing for me, I still have a hard time concentrating on sitting there, by myself in complete silence and paying attention to the words going through to my brain.... I can never turn my brain off.

My husband thinks its amazing that we can be sitting there watching tv and he makes a comment about what is on and I say "what? what about that horse, I never saw a horse". I just stare at the tv and don't have any clue as to what my eyes are seeing cuz my thoughts are going a million miles a hour! I also do this when I try to sleep, which really sucks, since I am usually exhausted but my mind won't stop! (any suggestions to helping me let me know) I usually lay in bed (very tired) til about 1 a.m. (we go to bed about 10) and finally my thoughts drift into dream. (weird dreams too) No wonder why my 7th grade math teacher called me La La Land, she would never say Elissa, she would just call on me with my hand in the air "yes la la land?" (very embarrassing).

Anyways, back to the books. For the first 5 months of the year I did great. Thats because I had a cell phone and would make a list (I'm a obsessive about lists) each time I read a book for the month. Then I lost my phone (and my life of lists, lists of life) and now I am a slacker in a few areas of my life without my lists.... Books being one of them. So.... the point of this whole, long, dreadful rant is.... here is my lists of books for the year, before I forget them and to get me re-focused and back on this goal...

1 or January: My Sister's Keeper
2 Febuary: Sundays at Tiffany's
3 March: Nineteen Minutes
4 April: Change of Heart
5 May: this is where I lost track.... I think it was Eat, Pray, Love
6 Dead until Dark
7 Living dead in Dallas
8 now I need a book for this month, any suggestions?

Remember I need a easy read


D & N said...

oh hunny. i've got lots. Start with Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn. You'll find her at the library. you should join just check it out and look me up on there and you'll be like "omg".

Kelsey K said...

You should read columbine. It is sad but seriously interesting. Im reading it right now and its hard to hold my attention with a book. I like it alot. And as far as the mind always racing thing goes...that happens to me too. I think us women were just blessed with it. Our mind never stops!