Aug 2, 2009

Fun in July!

Husband pretending to have fun at George Strait

Silly faces with Mac

Swimmin with Jess and Linds

Kinda blury but we got a good pick of the blackberry in front of us...

Loving summer concerts. Thanks again Mom!


We have been to both George Strait and Kenny Chesney concerts, thanks to my sweet mom!
Swimming on my weekly Tuesday swim day!
New niece was born on the 12th of July which happens to also be a friends and brother in laws birthday!
Been reading and LOVING the Sookie Stackhouse True Blood novels!
Planning some things for the big 1 year anniversary in 21 days! and planning a surprise trip!
Loving and missing my dogs....
Been looking at a house to buy and fix up in Layton.
Tried a few new restaurants: Wild Grape, Takashi and Martine.... mostly great, check out my reviews at
Went camping at Lava for the 4th of July.
Haven't cleaned my house at all!!!!
Dreading the end of summer.....
Eating and sharing a lot of Popsicles with Jake!
I still am cell phone-less
Drove to Wendover
Died some pink in my hair

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