Jun 21, 2009

said and done.

Here are a few pics..... sorry I don't have more!

First time with the new tent!

SKip Bo with the beau!

gotta have smores!

and brawts.....

we are lovers.....

almost hit a bison!

The coolest 2 year old I know!

Me and my girlie Alex

The crew for Manda and Dom's shower!

The past few of weeks have been eventful and boring, all in one! So just to update everyone but not put you to sleep with too many details.... Here is a quick review. . . . (sorry for the randomness)
  • found a new love/addiction {pomegranate yogurt w/mangos} RED MANGO
  • got new business cards for work that are adorable!
  • loved the rain so much I have considered moving to WA
  • lost my cell phone -still lost.
  • camping trip with the boy - awesome quality time together(in which B made me laugh so hard i almost peed my pants), makes me sad its over
  • Saw the awesome movie UP!!!! -must seeer..
  • Our awesome nephew turned 2!
  • was sick for 3 days straight with a fever of 101.... Doc thought it was swine flu (it wasn't)
  • ate too much at ESTE pizzeria... new place I took B to for weekly date night!
  • Baby showers galore!!!! one of which I successfully( i hope) hosted!
  • had a VERY stressful day at work.
  • made a couple new yummy meals, made a couple yucky ones too! (sorry Bran)
  • got a new piercing
  • on a budget.
  • love spending time with Manda's "little man" -makes me a little baby hungry, but so not ready to give up the freedom. -anyone need a babysitter, let me know!
  • getting ready for the big 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.....making some plans.
  • kissed my favorite person
  • got to visit my grandma-she is the best!
  • missed all my dogs.....
  • wrote my husband a love letter
  • can't wait to see My sister's keeper and The proposal
  • played golf and sucessfully sucked


Brianna said...

Where's the new piercing?

Brandon & eLissA said...

ha ha, my nose!

NancyCouturier said...

New recipies? I want some! And I would LOVE it if you would post that recipie you were talking about: a chocolate cheese ball or something? I don't remember but I know Lisa wants it too.

Jackie said...

Hi Elissa, this is Jackie I'm Brandon's cousin. I found your blog from Stacy's. I hope you don't mind, but I'll be adding you to my blog which is: www.awesomearbuckles.blogspot.com stop by sometime. Great to hear you're doing well.

weston'smommy said...

Sounds like an eventful month. I have enjoyed the rain as well I think we are the only ones.

The DeBoer's said...

How fun I love Smores! You two are so cute. I got so busy on Tuesday I forgot about our pedi date, so lets go fo sho next tuesday!

Shelly said...

Hi Elissa,
I can't believe you two have almost been married a year...time flies. I LoVe your blog and your profile picture at the top...SO COOl!!

Hope you are doing good!

Love Shelly

Rick said...

I love the both of you very much. Thanks for the great reading keep it up " it's great".