Dec 22, 2008


This is Elliott. He is sooo adorable, my sisters dog, but I claim him and his brother.

This is Oliver, he is a lil' smartie pants!

Here is Jake now at 7 months old, he grew WAY too fast, he is the sweetest
dog ever! He makes me smile just thinkin bout him.

This is Jake at 7 weeks! I wish he was still this small! Sooo precious!

And last but def not least this is my baby Chewy! He is such a good dog!
He is my little buddy!
I am missing my other favorite, Danner, I did not have a picture of him on this camera, I'll have to get one. It is Brandons parents dog and he is a little (but huge) sweetheart dog too!



Those dogs are sooo cute!!! I love reading your blog. Merry Christmas Girl! And tell everyone Hi for me!

Brianna said...

Elissa it was so good to see you too! You look great and you've hardly changed. I love dogs too. I have two shitzu's... Toby & Norm. We love them... most the time.

we are the davies... said...

Renting sucks huh! As soon as we move out we are getting a dog. Ash wanted to keep the one we babysat for christmas so much... and I kind of agreed with him. It was so cute.

Kelsey K said...

Hahaha I literally laughed out loud when I saw the picture of elliot!! Haha How freakin cute. I want one!